REPETEK, Ang Diyaryo ng Pilipino Monday, February 18 2019

Wealth is not being rich. Do you know the difference?

Being rich does not mean nor guarantee true wealth, as it is measured in full monetary value.
This is your net asset value (NAV) in financial richness terminology! A tangible objective material basis of being rich in status.

Wealth is measured by your subjective quality of life. Not lifestyle. Not standard of living. But simply human well being!

So you may be the richest person in your country yet be unhealthy. Yes, health is wealth!

Or the poorest but enjoying simple living with utmost and highest happiness let alone excellent health.

In Feng Shui, to attract true wealth to your life you start with baby steps.

First is the exterior redesigning of your business and residential places!

Second is the interior redesign of both for a delightful and sustainable flow of your vital life energy or chi.

Business Exterior Redesign

Fencing should not have your unlucky Feng Shui colors. Never have spikes or barbed wire atop fence.
Gate should follow the same and painted with your lucky color.
Landscaping should follow Feng Shui principles. No thorny or creeping and drooping plants. Never cactuses and bonsai. Water features should never be to the left of entrance doors as you enter the main door. This applies to swimming pool, ponds, fountains and yes, water tank or cistern. Never have lion or tiger decors as they symbolically eat and kill wealth!

Business Interior Design

Use auspicious decors and colors for you with Feng Shui thematic compatibility. Avoid symbols of poverty. Like painting of slum areas.

Put wealth producing enhancers like arowana in aquarium and turtle pet!
Best to have lucky artwork.

Last but not least is proper Feng Shui of doors, kitchen and bedrooms to attract well being and health. Then annual Feng Shui maintenance to navigate yearly life energy changes!

Home exterior and interior redesign is the same as business.

The only difference is the kitchen redesign. This covers both the daily main and dirty kitchen cooking appliances layout.

At the end of this story is emphasis on the proper position of cooking appliances. It is home of the Kitchen God in Feng Shui. The God of Wealth. It defines whether a home or office occupant will be truly wealthy or not above all other Feng Shui considerations!

So there, one can always redesign becoming and being wealthy by cooking properly in alignment to Feng Shui as the elementary fundamental step in life!

Cook your way to healthy wealth being everybody! And Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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