REPETEK, Ang Diyaryo ng Pilipino Friday, April 03 2020
Millionaire’$ Vine Feng Shui

Seldom do I write about lucky plants. But this one merits sharing after a personal knowledge and trying it out made me yes, a millionaire!

Once I was doing Feng Shui for China Cruz of crazy rich Asians allusion in their mansion.

I noticed this beautiful Vine!

It was not bad Feng Shui as usual for vine vibes as these ones had attractive red hanging roots.

She told me they are called Millionaire’$ Vine!

Her friend international fashion designer of carabao horn and bones trinkets and fashion accessories supplier of Josie Natori gave it to her for more luck and millions!

Time passed when surprisingly Arnel Papa of Marilao, Bulacan the said noted icon designer asked for a Feng Shui consultation for his fashion accessories export factory.

Wow! His lanai and fence teemed with millionaire’s vines with red roots sparkling in the Bulacan (not Tuscan) sun! He regaled me with his story of how the plant became a good fortune mascot for his life and livelihood!

The quaint serendipitous FengShui session in his factory ended with his sending me off a pot of millionaire vine seedling for me to have as his token of gratitude!

Gladly as I got home I planted it to grow up my small chico tree in our then minigarden of sorts. Tending to it daily until red roots appeared.

Only then did major Feng Shui consultations poured in as in a whole plush village patronized my Feng Shui for fertility to passing and topping law board exams and salvaging layoffs to multiple income increases for the village association residents! From there as the vine blossomed more red roots, I simply looked at it with love as I counted my first real million cashwise!

Each time I see a millionaire vine I cannot help but cry a river of mirth let alone joys inside.

Do try this good news from not a grapevine!

And be the next crazy rich Filipino!

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